Current UK Parliament members name match!


The UK Parliament Data & Search Team opened a SPARQL endpoint to the public!

SPARQL is a powerful and versatile query language that should enable anyone to build open data apps!

Just look at our data model or learn about SPARQL.


Processing power costs money! So even though we have good performance metrics...

We timeout queries after 5 seconds of processing.

You can also run 10 concurrent queries per IP per second.

Nota bene

You will get partial results if your query returns too many triples, so paginate.

You will get no result if your query is too complex but we're looking at containerising our graph.

We also have an OData endpoint for those who don't need the expressivity of SPARQL.


6th of September 2018

Jamie White asked for some relatively complex data in a tweet.

It was actually quite easy to express his question in SPARQL.

We are confident in our infrastructure.

But we wanted to put some safety in place so we took time to limit and timeout requests.

12th of September 2018

I disclosed our public SPARQL endpoint to Jamie White who was happy.

13th of September 2018

Phil Gorman tweeted about using our SPARQL endpoint.

He was searching for current MPs with his Name in their name.

Around midnight

I decided to celebrate this first known public use of our SPARQL interface.

And spent the night coding this little app.

I hope you like it and get inspired to build cool things using our data.

Happy Coding!